Australia Blues : A Scot at the Ashes

The ultimate book of the 2010/11 Ashes Tour: 
Stuart Croll and David Alexander share the inside story of their time following the England team.  Featuring two Scots, twenty thousand Englishmen and 22 million fed up Australians.  (Special guest appearances from the Welsh and Irish).

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As a life-long cricket fan and true tartan-blooded Celt, Stuart is heading Down Under to watch the Ashes, where he’ll be wearing his Scotland shirt and cheering for the other side – England.

Five cities, five five-day matches, fifty days on the road.  What begins as a childhood ambition turns into a grand odyssey through a rapidly changing Australia, set against the backdrop of a legendary Ashes series.

Blending travelogue, sport, psychogeography and scurrilous opinion, and with laughter on every page, Australia Blues packs a lot into one suitcase and a carry on bag.  Always funny, genuinely enlightening, occasionally poignant, it’s a unique book that captures the highs and lows of a tour of a distant land.

With cameos from some of the game’s most famous faces, it Australia Blues gives the fan’s eye view of the exhausting experience of criss-crossing a vast continent with too little money, too little sleep, too much sun and too much to drink.

If you weren’t there, here’s what you missed.  If you were, relive the battle for the urn between the Aussies and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and South Africa, as seen through the eyes of England’s unlikeliest fan.